Thursday, January 26, 2012


The week started off with beautiful weather and a trip to the park after school. It was Connor's first time. The kids had fun burning off some energy, while Connor and I enjoyed the sun and fresh air.

We went to story time at the downtown library.

 And ate our packed lunches at the cutest little cafe.

We bought groceries a few times this week. (Since I'm so forgetful these days.)

I did a double take when I saw a Connor-look-alike on the new Pampers box.

Who knew running errands could be so much fun?

Jake's latest art project from school.

And his reading project on Davy Crockett that's due tomorrow.

Bath time's a favorite around here.

Not a day goes by that Brooklyn isn't coloring with her colored pencils. She is the coloring queen. No pun intended.

We've had late-night grocery trips and a mini-meltdown at Walmart. Prescriptions to buy. Thrown-together meals. Jacob's school project. Connor's well-checkup. A bad diaper rash that's almost under control. Brooklyn throwing up on our bed Sunday night. Waking up three times Tuesday night and four times Wednesday night, only to find out she has a fever, sore throat and nasty cough. Oh, and we think she has pink eye too.

It's been one long, hard week. But these morning coos from our little C-man make everything better.

Don't you think?

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