Tuesday, January 17, 2012


We have been a bit weary lately.

Connor has continued to have random crying episodes at night. They started when he was 3-weeks old and now he has 3-4 per week. They typically last about 3-5 hours straight and he is in so much pain. He stiffens his body, arches his back, clenches his fists and screams bloody murder until you think he might just stop breathing. It is scary and painful for any parent to watch, especially knowing there's nothing we can do to help.

I took him to the doctor once and she prescribed reflux medicine to start with. Didn't work. We've tried gripe water, Mylicon drops and Colic Calm. A little relief but still there. Then the doctor told us to switch his formula from Target-brand soy to Enfamil Nutramigen to see if that would help. He's been on it about a week and we have yet to see a big difference.

His last episode was on Sunday night and it just about did us in. He started around 8 pm, after the big kids went to bed. Scot and I took turns trying to get him calmed down but nothing seemed to work. At 11:30 pm, he was still going strong so I put him in the car and went for a drive. He loves car rides so he fell asleep right away. Since I was out, I decided to grab a few things at Walmart. Got home around 1 am. Climbed in bed at 1:30 and was up with Connor again at 4:30. It was a rough night for all of us.

Since then, I have been determined to figure this whole thing out. Some of his symptoms sound like colic (terrible gas pain and/or underdeveloped digestive system) so that's a possibility. The biggest change we've made is switching from the Avent bottles to Dr. Brown's. I was skeptical about spending more money on all new bottles and all the little parts and pieces with these but I have to say, they are worth every penny! He's had very little spit-up and is happy and content after eating.

He even talks and coos and laughs now. It's so fun to watch.

He is such a good baby during the day. He's happy-go-lucky and loves being at home or on-the-go. It's just these random nights of crying that have us stumped.

He has an upper GI x-ray test scheduled on Thursday morning. We'll update as soon as we know anything.

Until then, I'll be enjoying some extra snuggle time with this little guy. Enjoying every single minute. Sneaking in a cat-nap whenever I can. :)


  1. Just thought I would share about our experience with Bennett. He would cry for hours on end at night (and sometimes during nap). Our doctor had us get Similac Alimentum formula. That helped but did not solve everything. Eventually we started giving him Prevacid too. The combo of formula and medicine did the trick for Bennett. We also let him sleep in his swing for a long time because it propped him up and helped him sleep better.

    I was so happy to be able to help him because it was miserable to see him in so much pain. I hope you and Connor get some rest.

  2. Oh Chauncey! You poor, sweet, sleep-deprived thing!

    So the crying is only in the middle of the night? It's so weird that if it's reflux he doesn't have problems during the day too. On the bottle topic, we swear by plan ole Playtex drop-ins. We tried Nuk bottles ONE time with Jaden and he screamed for HOURS with gas. I have never thrown something into the trashcan so violently in my life! We immediately went back to Playtex drop-ins and never had another problem. Weston does fine with them too. We like them because you can squeeze all the air out of the liner before screwing the lid on if you need to. I think you can get a bottle for like $5 on Amazon to just test it...worth a try!

    Keep your chin up sister! I hope you guys figure it out soon!


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