Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Funny Girl

Brooklyn is a really smart and inquisitive 4-year old. She is always talking, always singing, always asking questions, always wanting to learn more.

Here are some of the questions she has asked us in the last couple of weeks.

"What does God look like?"
"Can God hear us?"
"Can God see us?"
"Does God love us?"
"Where does God live?"
"Did God make Santa?"
"How do you spell red?"
"How do you spell horse?"
"How do you spell pink?"
"How do you spell microphone?"
"How are cars made?"
"How are houses built?"
"How old is our house?"
"Why does that boy have different colored skin?"
"When did you get married?"
"How old was I when I was a little kid?"
"Is there blood in my toe?"
"How do you make ketchup?"
"How do you make grape juice?"
"How do you make bread?"

She also says funny things like "We're all pimples" or "Shake your booty!" or mimics commercials like "Nationwide is on your side" or "You can collect them all, Mommy!" Or says embarrassing things like "That lady is really big" or "Your bottom is huge!"

She definitely keeps us on our toes. And, apparently, we still have a ways to go in learning how to be polite. :)

Her favorite song right now is Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star. She sang this to Connor tonight, it was the cutest thing ever. Love my funny girl.

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