Thursday, December 29, 2011

Special Days

Jacob is at his dad's for the week and Scot is home from work this week, so we've been soaking up as much family time as we can. Jacob is definitely missed, but it's been great having Scot home with us.

This morning was Connor's first bath in the tub. His umbilical cord finally fell off so we were excited to give him his first real bath. Connor seems to be quite the water baby. He relaxed in the water and didn't cry at all.

I had the best little helper too.

After the bath, Brooklyn worked on her counting flash cards and matched them just so. These kept her busy while I took a shower.

After lunch, I took Brooklyn out for the afternoon. Just the two of us. She was thrilled.

We headed to the library. This girl loves the library.

She worked on some puzzles.

She played a few computer games.

We read books.

Then we got a special treat at McD's.

And played in the play area for a couple hours.

While we were gone, Scot stayed home with Connor so our new dishwasher could get installed. I tell you, it is a beauty. Now if I can just remember to put the dirty dishes in it we'll be good. (After 8 months of handwashing dishes, I kinda forget.)

The little guy greeted me like this when I got home.

After dinner, we talked with Jake on the phone and Brooklyn was ready to chat. She really misses her bubby.

I treasure these special days. Time spent with just me and Brooklyn. And time spent with just her and daddy. (They're going to a movie tomorrow.) Snuggle time with Connor. And plenty of hugs and kisses when Jake comes home.

I know this time is going to fly by and I don't want to miss a thing.

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