Monday, December 19, 2011


Snoozing on the boppy.

Sisterly love.

Little Ariel princess.


More time at home means more board games to be played.

All wrapped up and ready to go.

Dr. Hamrang, best OB/GYN doctor ever. Couldn't have made it through this pregnancy without her.

Snuggle time with daddy.

More creativity abounds.

Ready to play.

Sleepy baby.

And one exhausted mommy.

Missed calls. Unanswered emails. Presents to buy. Presents to wrap. Dirty dishes and bottles to wash. Laundry to wash and fold. A house to clean. Food to buy and prepare. Diapers to change. Three little ones to feed and play with and give attention to every minute of the day. Toys to pick up. Books to read. Little bodies to wash and kiss and tuck in for the night. At least until another feeding begins. Such is our life right now.

Life is busy. Life is tiring. But, it sure is sweet.

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