Friday, December 30, 2011

Connor's Room

Connor/Brooklyn's room has had a few changes since he's been born. The room is pretty small so we've had to be creative in how we've arranged everything.

Here's Brooklyn's side of the room.

And Connor's side.

The new mini crib fits perfectly in this small space and matches Brooklyn's bed too. (I'm still looking for something to hang above it.)

The double closets.

I bought more clear bins for baby things and toys, while their clothes are hung above.

The right side of the closet looks pretty much the same as I had organized it before.

There isn't room for a changing table in their bedroom, but we have a changer on the pack-n-play in our bedroom.

And a diaper caddy basket to use in the family room.

Either way, Connor is settling into his new digs quite well. While big sister waves and says hi and tells him "It's okay" too many times to count.

I think he's really starting to like it around here.

We're putting our worries aside...thanking God for providing the home that He's given...seeing firsthand that we can fit three children comfortably in a smaller home. And still all be happy.

It may not be the norm, but our family is doing just fine.


  1. I love the room! I have never heard of a mini crib. Wish I would have known about it. I would have bought two. We have BK is the same room and two cribs takes up a lot of space. I might "steal" some of your closet organization techniques!

  2. I have not been checking my BLOGS for a LONG time! Congrats on your newest arrival! We are going to be in a similar situation. This new little one is going to have to shack up with either Kenzie or Kelan . . . where did you get the mini crib?



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