Monday, November 7, 2011


Today is a sad day.

My Papa in Ohio had a "code blue" yesterday morning, was resuscitated and is hanging by a thread today. The doctors and nurses are in the process of re-warming his body to a normal temperature and trying to get rid of the pneumonia in both his lungs. He may come out of this and be okay, and he may not. But I do know he is ready to go at anytime. His soul is at peace and he is ready to meet the Lord when He chooses to call him home.

Until then, I'll be sending lots of prayers his way. Remembering all the laughs and good memories that we've shared over the years. And thanking God for our last visit with him just a few short months ago.

My heart is torn today, too. I thought about traveling to be with my family in Ohio, but Brooklyn threw up first thing this morning and again at lunch so we're having a sick day at home. I'm glad I stayed home from MOPS this morning. A friend is picking up Jake from school today which is a huge help. I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow that I couldn't cancel because I've been feeling more pressure and Braxton Hicks each day. Not to mention, I'm just plain ol' exhausted. Scot may have to stay home with Brooklyn tomorrow if she's still sick so I can go.

There's so many things on my mind today. So many things I wish I could do, but I know I'm right where I need to be. I've cut out everything extra in our lives right now. My focus is taking care of my babies and getting my body ready for delivery in the next four weeks.

It may not seem like much, but it's all I can focus on for now. That and my grandfather's love. Celebrating the strong man that he is. Praying for peace. And God's will to be done.

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