Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Memories

We had a great Thanksgiving. We had a lazy morning at home, eating breakfast casserole and fruit for breakfast while watching the Thanksgiving parade on TV.

We went over to Scot's parents' house in the afternoon. Linda had "new-bride syndrome" and threw away four dishes she made that didn't turn out. But, we had plenty of food leftover so it didn't matter.

Mike and Linda kept Brooklyn and the other three grandkids overnight, so Scot and I went to a movie and slept in. Heavenly.

We all missed Jake though.

Our thermostat started working again so we had heat the rest of the weekend.

No sign of any mice. Yay!

Scot woke up with Brooklyn several mornings so I could sleep in.

Scot picked up Jake in Kentucky yesterday. It was a long, rainy drive.

I caught a nasty cold. Day 2 and 3 are always the worst for me so this morning I felt like I got run over by a mack truck. I can't take a lot of medicine, so I'm officially in survival mode.

So thankful our Christmas decorations are up.

Looking forward to celebrating Brooklyn's birthday tomorrow!

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