Wednesday, November 23, 2011


 I am loving all these fall leaves.

Cleaning bathrooms is so much more fun with a little helper around.

She's still our princess, thru and thru.

Biggest toy store in town. Phillips Toy Mart. We were there for almost 3 hours!

Family lunch at a Mexican dive.

Love going to the used bookstore. It's huge!

Just another day at the park.

Storytime before bed.

Yummy snack on a chilly afternoon.

Santa's little elves.

Thanksgiving lunch at school.

Yep, he's just visiting for awhile.

Jacob's first solo plane flight to visit his dad over Thanksgiving.

And it was successful. Praise God!

Oh, and a few other random things this week...
  • I went to the doctor on Monday afternoon. I was feeling a decrease in fetal movement and mini contractions so they squeezed me in. After an exam and a long non-stress test, the nurse said the little guy is doing fine. And, apparently, my uterus is still in practice mode.
  • On Tuesday, we found out we have mice. Again. Pest control came out and found mice in the crawl space, the attic and in our garage. We don't know if we have two or a nest of them, but we're hoping they go away soon!
  • Today we woke up to a cold house. Our thermostat stopped working again and it won't be repaired until Monday. So...we're going to borrow some space heaters, break out the blankets and prepare to bundle up this weekend.
Never a dull moment in the Cianci house!

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