Sunday, November 20, 2011

Celebrating Christmas Early

We decided to celebrate Christmas a little earlier than usual this year. In fact, this is the first year ever that we've started our Christmas traditions before Thanksgiving and I admit it feels a little weird. But, with this little guy ready to make his debut any time now, we thought we'd get a head start.

On Saturday, we took the kids to our favorite place to get pictures with Santa. Bass Pro Shops. The line was already forever long, but it was worth it to get our free picture and let the kids play in the kids area. They had a good ol' time.

Here's our 2011 Christmas picture with Santa.

     Jacob is 9 and Brooklyn is almost 4.

Let's take a trip down memory lane just for fun, shall we? This is last year's. 2010.

     Jacob was 8 and Brooklyn had just turned 3.

We must have skipped 2008 and 2009. Here's 2007. Wow, how the kiddos have changed!

                         Jacob was 5 and Brooklyn was just a few weeks old.


                         Jacob was 4.


                         Jacob was 3.

Ok, that was fun. :)

After hitting Opry Mills, we headed over to see the sights at the Opryland Hotel. One of our favorite stops at Christmas. (And we found a great parking spot that was close and free to boot!)

It was a lot of walking for this 9-month pregnant lady, but it was worth it. The hotel looked beautiful.

We walked around the Delta Atrium and got seats at one of their free Shrektacular shows.

You can't tell, but the kids really enjoyed it.

Especially when it started snowing! (Tiny soap bubbles, of course.)

It was such a cute show. And a really fun family day.

Next on the early Christmas list? Putting up the Christmas tree!

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