Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Fun

This weekend was a good one. It included a date night on Saturday (which are very few and far between around here.) We've never used a babysitter, but Jake's best friend's grandma lives in our neighborhood and offered to help anytime. We finally took her up on it and the kids were thrilled to stay at Granny's house for a few hours. We went to dinner, shopped around for some hip "manly" jeans and got some yogurt for dessert. It was quiet and we could hold hands and talk about anything uninterrupted for as long as we liked. Oh, how we love our adopted Granny. :)

The annual fire station open house was on Sunday afternoon so we went there for some fun after church. The kids had a good time like always.

Their favorite thing were the inflatables, of course.

The scariest and most amazing part was watching Brooklyn climb up this steep slide and go down by herself. She (and Jake) enjoyed every minute of it.

I personally loved the food. Hotdogs and popcorn, baby. :)

The fire trucks were amazing to see up close. The kids even gave them a test drive.

Although, one little girl wasn't so sure what to think about that.

But, she made up for it in the fire safety house. You know, the one with all the smoke. She had to keep up with bubby.

Jake got a turn with the big fire hose too.

The best part of the weekend was once we got home. Fall just wouldn't be complete without some play time in the leaves. A little raking required.

There was a little reading at bedtime.

Then we made a special dinner {just for us} to celebrate the premiere of our favorite TV show after the kids went to bed.

And that was our weekend fun.

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