Monday, October 3, 2011


I am officially 30 weeks now and I'm outgrowing all of my maternity clothes. I only have 9 weeks left, but my huge belly hangs over my pants and it's starting to get a little embarrassing. Time to hit those clearance racks before it gets any worse!

Lately, I've been busy sorting through bags of baby clothes, cleaning car seat covers, installing car seats and pack-n-plays, washing and sterilizing bottles, assembling drawer units, shopping for mini cribs, cleaning out closets to get ready for fall. Oh, and getting things ready for our upcoming garage sale too. The list seems to never end, but we're starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Can't wait to get everything done!

This week is fall break. Scot's parents took Jacob with them to Virginia for a couple days so we are enjoying some one-on-one time with Brooklyn before he comes home tomorrow night. It sure is easier with just one kid around here.

Yesterday was girls day with my friend, Jenny. Her hubby came over with the kids to hang out with Scot, while I surprised her with a birthday lunch at Raz'z, a mini-pedicure and a leisurely shopping trip to celebrate her birthday. We had the whole afternoon to ourselves. Alone. It was such a treat.

Here's a funny story for ya. Last night, Scot fell sleep early and I was reading in bed. Around 11:00, I started dozing off when Scot shot up in bed in a panic and said, "What is that God-awful smell?" I didn't have a clue what he was talking about, but it didn't take me long to figure it out. We both got out of bed and immediately covered our noses. The smell of burnt rubber and rotten eggs was too much to handle. It permeated every single room of the house, so Scot went outside to investigate. We ruled out the possibility of a gas leak. The smell originated from the crawlspace under our house and by our A/C unit, so we figured we had been attacked by some crazy skunk during the night. There was nothing we could do until morning, but Scot went under the house several different times throughout the night in search of anything to help us breathe better. He finally left the door open to our crawlspace and tried to air it out. We tossed and turned all night long. Tried to find any good air left in our room to breathe, while feeling nauseous and sick to our stomachs. It was the longest and most horrible night ever. I called Critter Control this morning and they are coming out to investigate. Apparently, it's peak breeding season so it was probably some skunks that were mating or in a burrowed hole by our A/C unit, but you never know. I just want to make sure they're gone for good and not hanging out under the house. And I hope they don't come back!

We've had mice, termites and now we can add skunks to the annoying pests on our list. Whatever will be next?

Hoping for a good night's rest tonight...Lord knows this preggo mama needs it!

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