Wednesday, October 12, 2011

31 Weeks

I am 31.5 weeks!

I went to my two-week appointment yesterday and the baby is doing well. In fact, he is getting so big that I am actually measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule, like 33 weeks or so. This probably won't affect my delivery much since I'm having a scheduled c-section in early December, but my doctor is going to start tracking the baby's growth so we don't end up with a 12-pounder or anything.

I've had a few random episodes of dizziness, sweating and heart palpitations lately, so my doctor referred me to a cardiologist today. They did an EKG, took some blood to check my thyroid levels and gave me a heart monitor to wear for the next 48 hours. Straight. That means no baths, no showers until Friday at noon. So...I'm going to have a couple long nights and long days ahead. I'm sure everything will turn out fine, but if anyone sees me in the meantime, I apologize for my bed-head in advance. :)

In other news, we set up the baby swing this week. Just one of the many things that was donated to us by our sister-in-law. A certain little someone has been very interested in playing with it, so the swing is filled with her favorite dolls and stuffed animals for now.

Speaking of Brooklyn, she is becoming quite independent these days. She can climb into her carseat and buckle it on her own. She can get herself dressed most of the way now. She can brush her teeth and go to the bathroom mostly by herself. She is even fully potty trained. Oh, and she's such a ham too. See?

I am loving all this newfound independence but the side effects? Not so much.

Honestly, she has been a little terror lately. She's normally our sweet, easy-going girl but she is definitely testing her boundaries right now. I'm sure a lot of it has to do with the baby coming soon and all the preparations we are making, plus mama is feeling tired and irritable much of the time. It's not a good combo, but we are making it and surviving...most days. Scot steps up and does whatever needs done at home, so I'm blessed with all the support. He helps with the kids, fixes dinner, gives baths, cleans house, does laundry or whatever else needs done depending on the day. It's amazing what a great team we've become.

On a slightly different note, I found a great Chicco stroller on craigslist and went to pick it up today. It was only $55 and the woman lives right in our neighborhood! My parents got us this exact stroller and carseat combo when Brooklyn was born, but Scot accidentally broke it a couple years ago when he was putting it away. So, we've been on the look-out for a used one to replace it since then. I was so excited when I found this one today...and at such a good price too!

Just another step closer to welcoming our little boy in a few weeks! 

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