Friday, September 9, 2011

Traveling Tips {with kids}

Since we just got back from visiting family out-of-state, I thought I would share a few things that have made traveling easier for our family of four.


The kids have matching suitcases (from Target) and they are the perfect size for a quick weekend getaway or a week-long stay with grandparents.

For us, we either use suitcases or a big Rubbermaid container that we share. It may sound a bit redneck, but everything fits in them and they stack perfectly in the back of the van. Makes unloading so much easier!

When packing, I roll all of the kids clothes in their suitcases and it gives us a lot more room.

Trash bags make great on-the-go hampers. We throw our dirty clothes in them and dump them by the washer as soon as we get home.

For sleeping, the kids use their sleeping bags and we take them with us almost everywhere we go. They are great for making pallets on the floor.

To make the car ride easier for the kids (and us), we always bring lots of snacks.

We fill our Thermos bottles with ice water and pack extra drinks in our cooler.

We bring a bunch of Solo plastic cups with us and store them in the glove box. These are great for snacks and drinks in the car...and they come in handy if anyone gets sick too!

On road trips, the kids bring their own backpacks filled with books, coloring books, toys and other things to do.

We keep all the crayons organized in these zippered pencil pouches by Mead (from Staples). They stand up on their own and fit a box of 64 crayons just right. They are great for coloring   on-the-go.

We store all our CD's and DVD's for the van in here.

Our emergency go-to stash is kept in the passenger door. We have wet wipes, books and comic books when the kids (and adults) need a little quiet time in the car.

And the best thing is our emergency kit in the back of the van. This bin holds paper towels, toilet paper, old towels, extra clothes and underwear for Brooklyn, Ziploc bags, sunscreen, Band-aids, Pull-Ups...anything we might need on-the-go. And our little potty comes in handy for those emergency pit stops on the road.

Well, there you have it! Just a few traveling tips...from our family to yours.

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