Tuesday, September 13, 2011


We had Scot's parents help with driving Jake to meet his dad (or grandma) in Louisville on Friday night. Game day and date night on Saturday {yay!} Long drive to pick up Jake on Sunday, only to discover he had eaten fast food all weekend, hadn't showered in 3 days, was in desperate need of a haircut and wore the same dirty clothes 2 1/2 days in a row. I wasn't the happiest mother inside, but regardless, I was glad he had fun.

I had time to organize the drawers in our two bathrooms this weekend. Something I've been meaning to do for a long time. So glad it's finally done!

Our bathroom...

And the kids' bathroom drawer...
Ah, that's better. :)

I went to the nail salon this weekend and got my toes painted. (Did you know some nail places will cut and paint your toes for only $10? What a deal!) Let's face it - I have a hard time just leaning over to pick up a toy off the floor nowadays, let alone paint my toes. This preggo mama is one happy woman.

Brooklyn broke out the scooter over the weekend and looked cute as a button. Even during her search for dead bugs.

I'm thrilled to see the first signs of fall. And I love the cooler weather.

We've been adjusting to lots of homework and school projects in fourth grade this year.

Jacob has been doing really well, except for spelling and some math. I give him spelling tests and timed multiplication tests each day at home now and that seems to help. He takes AR tests on chapter books he reads every week and he has a reading project due every month. Definitely a big change from last year!

While I help Jake with school work, Brooklyn gathers her friends and they watch a movie in the den.

We're eating healthier snacks.

Talk about preggo brain. I went to the ob/gyn's office this morning for a check-up and my long-awaited 2-hour glucose test. I woke up early, got Brooklyn up and dressed early, packed breakfast and lunch, arranged childcare with my sister-in-law...all this for my big doctor's appointment that I was warned may take 3-4 hours. I arrived at the doctor's and sat down in the chair, ready for the nurse to take blood and give me the special sugary drink. The nurse had the needle in her hand when I overheard another nurse talking about fasting. I quickly said, "Wait! Was I supposed to fast this morning??"

Between my forgetful preggo brain and the nurses neglecting to tell me, I missed the reminder about the fasting part. (Guess they figured I should remember this stuff the third time around or something.) So...I had to reschedule my glucose test (after profusely apologizing to my sweet doctor) and will go back again in two weeks. And this time, I'm keeping the food hidden. I promise! :)

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