Thursday, August 18, 2011

First...and Last

Today was Brooklyn's first day of ballet class. Something she has been looking forward to for awhile now. The girls looked so adorable that I had to take a few shots.

Brooklyn surprised me today as she was more reserved in ballet than she normally is around people. She enjoyed most of the class, but she got embarrassed and started crying once she realized all the moms in the dance room were watching her. Next week, the moms will be out in the hall so I think that will help. The dance teacher is fabulous, I'm sure Brooklyn will warm up in no time.

Today was also the last day of swim lessons for both kids after school. I was amazed at all they learned in just two weeks at Ms. Sue's. Check out Brooklyn in her preschool class.

Here she is showing off her back float.

The coolest thing ever. She swam underwater all by herself. I was amazed.

She even learned how to do a frog kick, the kick used when swimming the breaststroke.

Jacob's swim lessons followed soon after.

He did an awesome job with his final assessment. Here is just part of it.

He even did the dolphin kick too.

I was so impressed with both kids today. Seriously, I couldn't have been more proud. They each passed with flying colors and I can now say that swim lessons are officially over.

Jacob and his friend, Daniel, were happy to pass level 3.

Our last day of swim lessons couldn't be complete without some ice cream cones from Sonic to beat off the heat and celebrate. These two worked hard and definitely deserved it.

Until next summer, folks!

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