Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Swim Lessons

Well, we're at it again. Swim lessons are in full force around here.

Since I was on bed rest at the beginning of the summer, I had to register both kids for back-to-back swim lessons after school. I pick up Jacob from school at 2:30, book it to Brooklyn's swim lessons by 3:00 and then wait for Jacob's class which starts at 4:30. Our afternoons and evenings are super busy for the next two weeks, but we're glad we could fit them in.

This little one was so excited to go to her first preschool swim class without mom.

She didn't even skip a beat or turn around to say bye. My little girl is growing up.

Ms. Sue has the most beautiful view all around her house.

These crazies have learned to do a lot of waiting.

But, it's not that bad. Snacks. Movies. Air conditioning. What more could ya want?

(Except when a certain little someone needs to go potty a couple times and preggo mom can't fit into the porta potty very well...that isn't fun. Thank goodness for the little potty we keep in the van!)

There's plenty of time for coloring and reading books too.

And my view? Well, I can actually catch up on a little reading of my own.

It's a win-win for all.

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