Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here's what we've been up to lately.

Doctor's visits.

On Monday, Jake called me early from school with bad stomach pain. So, off to the doctor we went. Later that afternoon, we had our annual eye exams, where the eye doctor said Jacob needs glasses full-time. On Wednesday, we had dentist appointments and the dentist referred Jake to an orthodontist for an initial consult. And on Friday, Jacob had a well check-up and had one nasty shot, which he was not happy about whatsoever. It was one busy week visiting doctor's. All while keeping a three-year old entertained too.

Surviving the heat.

It's been in the high 90's pretty much every single day. Some days it even gets in the 100's with the heat index. This preggo mama is so ready for fall.

The dump.

Ah, our weekly trips to the dump. The trash piled in the van combined with this heat makes for one interesting drive.


I've organized and assembled all the welcome packets for our first MOPS meeting on Monday. So excited for another great year ahead...and all the old and new friends I'll get to see.

Ballet shows.

This little one is always ready to dance and put on her own ballet show before bed.

The pool.

We made one last trip to the pool on Saturday, and it was a great one.


We ate yummy Chinese food with friends.

Birthday celebrations.

And we had one last celebration of our three August birthdays with Scot's family.

I'm 33, Scot's 39 and Jacob is 9. 339. :)

Our "lately" has been fun.

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