Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Storing Kids Artwork

I'm not a big hoarder of many things, but I love keeping my kids' artwork and crafts that they make throughout the year. So, I've kept a little pile here and another pile there...until I finally realized that I needed to come up with some sort of system to store all this stuff. After 8 years of doing it this way with two kids, I realized it was getting out of control.

I researched lots of different ideas for storing kids' artwork and finally chose what would work best for me. For Jake's school stuff, the best thing has been this school memories album. My sister, Tiff, actually bought this for Jake a couple years ago at Lillian Vernon and I love it.

The album goes from preschool thru 12th grade. Each grade has an info page with the child's picture on it and questions for the kids to fill out (like height, weight, friends' names, teacher's name, favorite subject, and so on.)

Then, there's a pocket where you can store report cards, awards, school pictures, artwork or whatever.

It is a great way to keep all the school stuff together in one place. Plus, it's always neat to go back and look at how their handwriting has changed too.

For all the artwork and craft projects, I went the non-digital route and bought long, skinny clear bins. They are big, so they can hold all those large paintings, pottery pieces, mugs. The school memories album easily fits in here too. And I have plenty of room to add things each year.

I labeled them with each child's name, stacked them together and now they're ready to sit under the bed. At least until the next art project comes along. :)

And what do I do with all those crayons and markers we have stashed throughout the house to make that lovely artwork? They're now stored in these. Plastic animal cookie containers from Sam's.

My kids love animal cookies and I like to organize, so it's a win-win for everyone. And they're all in one place.

No wonder my kids love to color around here...

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