Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July {2011}

The Fourth of July is always my favorite time of the year. Fireworks. Red, white and blue. Watermelon. Yummy food. Friends and family. Sparklers. Great atmosphere. This year did not disappoint. Except for the fact that Jake wasn't there.

We continued our family tradition this year by heading downtown with Myles and Jenny and claiming our usual spot on the courthouse lawn. It's the perfect place to watch fireworks. We always pack a ton of food and drinks and head down around 6.

This year, Scot dropped me and Brooklyn off out front so it was a breeze.

     Eating...there's lots of eating.

     Playing football on the lawn.

     My football-lovin' girl. :)

     Jenny and me and the girls.

     Searching for rocks in the fountain.

     What a view.

     Brooklyn loved playing with Brandon, Myles' ten-year-old nephew. Her lil' substitute for Jake that night.

     Our crew, including Scot's parents who came later on.

     The courthouse at night.


Let freedom ring, baby. Happy Fourth!

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