Saturday, July 9, 2011

Brooklyn's Room {pre-baby}

We have been so busy cleaning and organizing our house for the last three weeks. The first room we started with was Brooklyn's room. Her room started looking like a disaster when I was on bedrest, so we knew something needed to be done. Plus, we decided that she and the baby are going to share a room after the baby's born, so that was even bigger motivation. Her room is pretty small (roughly 10 x 10) but we're so pleased with how it turned out.

Here is Brooklyn's new-and-improved room. Pre-baby.

We love her new trundle bed. We don't use the trundle part right now, but the drawers on the bottom are perfect for things like sheets and blankets.

We made room for the white crib to go here on this wall. Bins and baskets can be stored under the crib for extra storage if needed.

Her big wall with the double closets. The extra closet space is nice, but it's hard to arrange furniture around them.

Here's the left side. We definitely made use of every square inch in this closet and then some! I put all her shirts, dresses and coats on the top rack. Then, the bottom is basically a toy closet for all those big toys.

The right side of the closet has cubbies and Brooklyn's other clothing items are stored in the middle row of crates. It makes it easy for her reach in the morning, since she can almost get dressed by herself now. The top row of crates will store all the baby stuff. Burp cloths, diapers, onesies and sleepers. And we have extra space on the shelves above it too.

We're considering getting a smaller changing table to put at the end of Brooklyn's bed (in place of her dress-up trunk) but after having two kids, I've learned you can change a kid's diaper anywhere. So, we may forgo the typical changing table this time around.

Either way, we're going to enjoy this small-yet-functional space we have to work with. Brooklyn has already told us she loves her new room numerous times and that's all that matters. :)

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