Tuesday, July 12, 2011

18 Weeks

I am 18 weeks!

I went to my 18 week check-up this morning. They did the big anatomy ultrasound (which took about an hour) and the baby and all his body parts looked great. Here, I'll give you a sneak peek.

This is his face and arm - it looked like he was waving at us!


Yep, it's definitely a boy!

Love those tiny feet.

My doctor said I can finally go off the progesterone (yay!) and I got the okay to travel. So...we may get to take a little family vacation at the end of July after all. The kids will be ecstatic about that.

I no longer have nausea or get sick at night, which is awesome. The tiredness will hopefully ease up a bit once I go off the hormone pill. Other than that, I feel pretty good. I have a heck of an appetite now, so this little guy is definitely growing. A lot. :)

My usual outfit consists mostly of tank tops and shorts at this point. Whatever I can do to survive this summer heat. The heat index has been about 110-115 degrees for the past two days, which hasn't been fun for anyone. But, we're still getting out and keeping busy as much as we can.

So thankful for this great news today!

Now, back to business. A granola bar is calling my name...


  1. Yay! SO glad you're both healthy! Have you guys come up with a name yet?

    Also, I had no idea you were on progesterone. I just started the shots 3 weeks ago - I didn't know there was a pill? I would so much rather take a pill than a shot in the hip every Tuesday. Did you have many side effects?

  2. We have narrowed it down to one or two names we both like, but there's still plenty of time to debate. :)

    I've been taking two progesterone pills every day since I was 4 weeks along. I found out I was pregnant right before I had surgery to remove my left ovary (from a ruptured cyst) so my doctor wanted to try to keep this little one attached to the uterine lining for as long as possible. From what I've heard, the pills actually have worse side effects than the shot does. Don't know if that's true or not, though. I'm just glad to get off them because I'm tired of being tired, having dry mouth, being exhausted...you know, all the standard side effects. It will be a breath of fresh air. :)

    How's your pregnancy going?


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