Monday, June 13, 2011

Weekend Randomness

Our weekend was pretty relaxing. Well, relaxing for me. I watched movies, read books, played a little bit with Brooklyn and hung out with Scot after the kids were in bed. The rest of the time consisted of Scot working outside, going swimming with the kids in the neighbor's pool, running errands, taking the kids to church, playing with the kids outside, fixing dinner, catching fireflies. Jake went to Parker's house for the most of the day on Sunday and spent the night, so we knew he was in heaven. He's been so bored with me on bedrest, so I was glad he was able to have some playtime with friends. Can't believe he'll be leaving this weekend to spend a whole month at his dad's!

Sometime over the weekend Brooklyn asked, "Mommy, which friend am I going to see today?" Made me thankful to have so many great friends who have watched her (and Jake) at different times in the past week and a half, but it made me a little sad too.

Oh, here's a cute pic of Scot teaching Brooklyn how to hit a baseball for the first time. She got a little frustrated whenever she missed the ball, but they were so cute together.

The best part of the weekend was on Friday night. Scot took me and the kids out for dinner at one of our favorite local dives and it was heavenly. My doctor said I could go out to eat once a week as long as I came straight home afterwards, so I was savoring every second of being dressed up and getting out of the house. Scot and the kids all noticed my "dressed up" look (which was jeans and a dressy tank with makeup) and they couldn't get over how nice I looked. I guess it's a far cry from the usual look I've had this week!

Did I tell you Brooklyn is the coloring queen? She insists on coloring every day now. She may sit there for an hour or more, coloring to her heart's content. Makes my heart proud. :)

Well, it's official. I am now the "old lady" on the block. You know the ones. I know which neighbors work and which ones don't. Which car each neighbor drives. I know which neighbors stay inside most of the time. I know the ones who play the loudest rap music. I know the one who cleans his rifle in the driveway (hilarious, I tell you!) and the one who wants to poison the squirrels around here. Ha! I know the comings and goings of everybody in the neighborhood. Yep, sadly, this is my life now.

Another favorite from the weekend was on Sunday evening. Scot, Brooklyn and I sat on the back porch swing just enjoying each other's company. And we saw this amazing show in front of us.

It was the most peaceful and beautiful way to end the weekend and start the new week ahead.

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