Friday, June 17, 2011


Today is our last day with Jacob for quite awhile. He is going to visit his dad in Ohio for a month and we're sad to see him go. Scot is driving him to the half-way point in Louisville right now and won't be home till late. So, Brooklyn and I are kicking back on the couch, taking it easy.

Scot used one of his vacation days and took the kids swimming at the Y this morning and then surprised us with a family lunch at Chili's (his pick for an early Father's Day meal). Then, we came home and the guys packed up to leave. We all stayed pretty positive about his trip, but we pray he has a good time with his dad and that he doesn't spend too much time at the babysitters.

We will surely miss him while he's gone for a month. I miss him already. My cute guy.

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