Wednesday, June 29, 2011


There's been a few changes around here lately. Which explains the total lack of blogging for the past week.

Scot and his brother, Kris, spent the whole day on Saturday painting our master bedroom and installing a couple ceiling fans. All of our furniture, accessories, computer and random stuff from the bedroom was moved into the kitchen and various other places in the house. Our house was such a complete mess, it looked like we were moving. So, we've spent the last several days putting our bedroom back together, cleaning out dressers and nightstands and finding a new home for the other stuff. The stuff we haven't had time to deal with has gone to Jacob's room, which now looks like a mini-storage unit but we're hoping to clean it out within the next 2 weeks. We don't have full internet right now and our home phone is getting canceled. Our TV was broken for 3 days (but is now fixed) and Scot's car was in the shop one day this week. Oh, and our dishwasher is still broken too. Yeah...things have been just a tad crazy.

Our bedroom looks amazing, though! So worth all the work. In fact, we feel like we're staying in someone's guest room every night. Now, we just have to pick up the curtains I ordered and get them installed. Then, I can post some pics. At least for part one of the makeover. We're going to save up for the other things we want to do, but things are looking really good so far. (Thanks to my awesome hubby for doing most of the work!)

More info and pics to come...

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