Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Brooklyn played outside just about all day today.

First, she drove her car to get groceries.

Then, she tried out her bike.

The cicadas were flying all over the place, but this girl didn't care.

She even tried her hand at watering the flowers weeds. Or, driveway.

You can't help but play in the puddles. Barefoot.

What a cutie pie.

I love my new sandals. Thank you, Yellow Box.

Jake didn't want to get hot or play outside with the cicadas after school, so he stayed inside and played Xbox. Smart guy.

We ended the night with Jake's soccer party at Cici's.

He was pretty excited and the trophy is huge!

It was a great Tuesday. And a great way to end the school year.

Our countdown continues...only 1 more day left of school and summer will be here! ;)

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