Thursday, May 19, 2011

This Week

We've had fun playdates with friends.

This is Brooklyn's two-year old friend, Analea. Isn't she adorable? They are both girly-girls, so we totally glammed it up.

And made lots of funny faces. :)

These two were hilarious together.

Brooklyn assisted Scot with some ebay orders.

We've read books in bed.

We've had popsicles with cousins.

Jake made an interesting guitar for his science project at school. (All you need is a plastic cup, some fishing string and a pencil.)

There was also his awards program at school. Jake got an award for perfect attendance for the whole school year. Scot and I were both tardy and/or missed school a lot growing up, so this is a huge accomplishment for our family!

Here he is receiving his award.

Then, he turned around and surprised everyone with his fake mustache. Ha!

Everyone was cracking up. Scot would have been so proud.

Until it was time for the group picture. Then, he had to take it off.

It's been one busy week.

But, there's only 4 days left of school so we're getting ready to celebrate!

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