Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We had a great Memorial weekend. We met up with friends at the splash park. We went to Kris and Jenn's for a cookout and the kids played on the slip-n-slide. We cleaned house and got stuff ready to go on vacation.

Then, we noticed a small bump on Brooklyn's head that kept getting bigger over the course of two or three days. We decided to take her to the ER yesterday just to make sure it wasn't a staph infection or anything. The doctor couldn't tell whether it was a spider bite or the beginnings of a staph infection but she prescribed two different antibiotics for Brooklyn to take for the next 10 days, which will hopefully get rid of any possible infection there.

We came home from the hospital and got the kids ready for bed. As soon as they were in bed, I started spotting. Totally freaked. me. out. It continued off and on through the night but it wasn't heavy bleeding so I waited to call the doctor until first thing this morning. We went to the doctor's office and we were there with the kids for almost 3 hours. They did two different kinds of ultrasounds and an exam.

The good news...the baby is doing great and we're having a boy! We didn't want to find out the gender on this one, but there was no denying the fact that this baby is a boy. At just 2 inches tall, he was an active little thing too. He was kicking and rolling all over the place. He even waved at us as if he knew he was on camera. It was hilarious.

The bad news...I have a small pocket of blood behind my placenta. The doctor doesn't want this to get any worse or bleed more, so she has put me on modified bedrest for the next two weeks, maybe longer. This means no lifting, no bending, no house cleaning, no laundry, no cooking, no giving baths, no driving, no grocery shopping, no traveling. I keep pretty active most days, so this is going to be a whole new ball game for me (and Scot). Especially with both kids home for the summer. I have a feeling we're going to be doing a lot of books, movies, board games, puzzles, Legos...anything that allows me to relax on the couch and still play with the kids indoors. Scot is ready to step up and take over as Mr. Mom every night after work, but it sure is going to be hard on him. The mom-guilt has already set in.

I was a mess during the ultrasound. I was scared for what they might find. Happy and elated to see the baby moving around and doing great. Thankful beyond words. I have just started feeling the first little kicks so I am bonded and attached to this little one already. I'm so glad that Scot was able to be there with me.

The kids cried on the way home from the doctor's. They are sad and disappointed that we can't go on our vacation to Florida tomorrow. Brooklyn keeps saying she wants to go to the beach. Jake wants to go to the waterpark and the Billy Bowlegs festival. It's a bummer for them and I feel awful.

But, the best part is knowing there's a healthy and active little boy in my belly who we're hoping will join our family in December. And we'll do anything to help keep him with us. Prayers included.

It's a bittersweet day for all of us.

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  1. I hate to hear that you guys had some scares over the last few days. But so HAPPY to hear that everything turned out ok. Its a bummer that you will not get to go on vacation but there is always next year for that. Please dont hesitate if you need anything. I will be more than happy to help any way I can. I was on partial bedrest while preggers with Hudson so I totally understand how hard it can be. Congrats on it being a BOY!


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