Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Last week, Jacob and the rest of the third grade performed in the musical Compose Yourself, where composers come back to life and students have reports that are due.

Brooklyn had the best seat in the house. Er, cafeteria.

Jake sang in the choir and did an awesome job.

The girl who played Beethoven was hilarious.

It was a cute, cute show.

Today we broke out the sprinkler ball for the first time this year. It was 90 degrees and the perfect day for getting wet.

I love these kids. They made my heart smile today.

Miss Thing got all serious and decided to shoot bad guys (or bugs) with her brother's Star Wars gun.

And Jake showed off his climbing skills by climbing this tree in our front yard.

Until he saw one of these. A cicada.

And then another. And another. The whole tree was covered in baby cicadas.

The 13-year cicadas were supposed to hit our area this week, but we hadn't seen any until today. So, this may be our first and last water day outside for awhile. I do NOT like big bugs that fly and attack at will, so I am dreading the next couple of months!

In other news, I'm feeling (and looking) much bigger for only being 9 weeks pregnant.

I look the biggest at night. In fact, I looked at old pictures and look about the same as when I was 4 months pregnant with Brooklyn. Crazy, huh?

At bedtime, Brooklyn looked at my belly and said very matter-of-factly, "Mommy, you might be having two babies in your tummy. One boy for Bubby and one girl for me. And we'll all be brothers and sisters!"

I'll take that as my cue to lay off the chocolates at night. :)

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