Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Levels are Rising

My hcg levels are rising. And that's a good thing.

Before my surgery, my levels were in the 60's. Last week, they were 466. I had bloodwork done yesterday and they just called to tell me my levels are now 5,300. That was the best news ever!!

I have to say, this is the scariest pregnancy yet. To be told you're pregnant right before emergency surgery is unbelievable. It's been such an emotional rollercoaster. I've been trying to take it easy and recover from surgery. Scared that I could lose this baby at any time. Happy and excited to be pregnant again. Feeling tired, dizzy and nauseous from all the progesterone pills I'm taking. Overwhelmed at the fact that I'm pregnant, period. While still being an active wife and mom at home.

It's been one wild ride for the past two weeks. But, it's all worth it.

So, today we're praising and thanking God. Thanking Him for this incredible journey we're on. And looking forward to seeing the little bean at our first ultrasound next week. :)

Thank you for praying!

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