Tuesday, April 26, 2011

First Ultrasound

I had my first ultrasound last week. I picked up Jake a little early from school so he could come with us. And Scot got off early from work and met us at the doctor's.

Here is our little peanut. Or apple seed. Just 6.5 weeks along and 7mm big.

My progesterone level is at 67. My doctor said this is really good news, since a normal level in the first couple months is usually in the 20's. The baby seems to be very attached to the uterine lining. I guess those nasty progesterone pills really are working and doing their job after all.

The baby already has two chambers in the heart and at 131 beats per minute, the heart is looking great. Check out this cool video to see for yourself!

My due date is set for December 11th, although my doctor will probably do a scheduled C-section the first week of December. A week after Brooklyn's birthday. And just a few weeks before Christmas.

We are all thrilled.

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