Friday, March 11, 2011

Busy Week

Scot was away on a business trip this week, so the kids and I tried to keep ourselves busy.

I set up tables and food for our MOPS meeting. I sent out our MOPS e-newsletter. I worked in the nursery at church twice this week. I went to Bible study and continued reading and studying this book. Amazing, I tell you.

We built stuff with Legos.

We played with dolls.

We made skyscrapers with citiblocs.

We danced like ballerinas.

We made necklaces and bracelets with beads.

We watched the birds come out of their nests for Spring on a yucky, rainy day.

We put this puppy in full force for Brooklyn every day this week.

This created a big mess and a big clean-up job for me, but at least it's getting the job done.

We went to lunch with Aunt Jenn and Keegan.

We had movie night. With pizza rolls, no less.

We had playdates at home with friends. I had a dirty and dusty house, there were toys strewn all over the place and I didn't have a lick of makeup on, but Deon didn't care. Such the mark of a true friend. :)

There were plenty of leftovers. Yay for me!

Sadly, my bed looked like this for six days.

I woke up the kids at 6:30 each day to get Jake to school by 7:30, with lunch in hand. I have to be honest, the mornings just about killed me. Especially when a certain little someone wouldn't nap and was up for the rest of the day.

It was finally time for Scot to come home tonight, so I took the kids with me to the airport in their pajamas to pick him up. It was quite an adventure.

Now he's home safe and we're all together. Once again.

We're so glad he's here.

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