Monday, February 21, 2011


Kids wake up at 7am. This means I also wake up at 7am.

Scot leaves for work.

No school for Jake. Today is President's Day.

I hear fighting and yelling in the family room. The kids can't agree on a TV show.

I pull out cereal for breakfast and remember the milk is frozen. I try to drain as much milk as I can to put in the kids' bowls.

Put milk on the counter to thaw.

Unload the dishwasher and put clean dishes away. Load dirty dishes into the dishwasher.

Fix nutella on toast and hot chocolate for my breakfast. Pull out my Bible and read for 5 minutes.

Brooklyn tells me she pooped and peed in her Pull-Up from last night.

Clean Brooklyn up. Get her dressed for the day. Help brush her teeth.

Tell Jake to get dressed, brush his teeth, make his bed and clean his room. He moans and groans. His shoulders sag.

Tell Jake to change his attitude. Now.

Take a shower and tell the kids not to hurt each other.

Hear yelling and commotion while I'm drying off.

Brooklyn throws a hard plastic ball at Jake's head. Jake starts crying. I tell Brooklyn to go to timeout.

Get dressed. Blow dry my hair while Brooklyn plays with dolls under my feet. She falls and starts crying.

Decide to forgo makeup today.

Jake looks sad and mopey again. I ask him about it and he tells me he wants to spend more time with me alone.

I mentally plan a mother-son date night one night this week.

Play Uno with the kids. Brooklyn wins.

Appliance repair man arrives to fix refrigerator since it is freezing all our food and drinks.

He says the whole control panel is broken and it will cost over $300 to fix it.

Pay $65 service fee.

Call Scot to tell him the news.

He tells me to get measurements and start looking for new refrigerators since ours is 8 years old and everything is frozen.

Turn on computer and mouse is not working.

Recharge wireless mouse. Still not working.

No internet today.

Brooklyn tells me she's "hungy" for lunch.

Fix cheese quesadillas and Sun chips for lunch. Pour half-frozen juice into cups.

Take Brooklyn to the potty.

Load kids in the van and head to Home Depot.

Look at refrigerators. Find only one that fits our dimensions.

Load kids in the van and head to Lowe's.

Look at refrigerators, while calling and texting Scot at work at various times, for almost two hours.

Brooklyn tells me she has to go potty. Head to the bathroom. Sit her on the potty and she says she can't go.

Give snacks and dum-dums to the kids while I continue my fridge shopping.

Kids argue over who gets which snack. Tell kids to share. Bribe them with ice cream if they are good.

Narrow the small selection of refrigerators down to two. Call Scot but he is too busy and overwhelmed to decide so he says to just pick one.

Decide I'm too overwhelmed to pick one.

Jake pushes Brooklyn down the next aisle. She starts screaming.

Write model numbers and info down.

Thank nice lady for helping the mom with two crazy kids.

Load kids in the van and head to Baskin Robbins.

Text Debra at church and tell her I can't work tonight.

Kids pick out ice cream flavors.

Jake takes two licks of his ice cream while I pay.

He notices the other scoop is bigger so he hands his licked ice cream to Brooklyn.

Tell Jake that was not nice and he apologizes to Brooklyn.

We sit down and eat.

Jake says he is still hungry and wants more. I tell him one scoop is enough.

Take Brooklyn to the potty. She cries because the dryer is too loud.

Go home.

Tell kids to go to their rooms for quiet time.

Brooklyn tells me she pooped in her underwear. Poop is everywhere.

Send Jake outside to play.

Put Brooklyn in the tub and give her a quick bath.

Get Brooklyn lotioned up and dressed. Brush her hair.

Brooklyn tells me she wants "sompa" to eat. I tell her to wait until dinner.

Look for Jake outside. Find him at the neighbor's a few minutes later.

Load the kids in the van and head to Lowe's. Again. Brooklyn in her pajamas with wet hair and sparkly shoes.

Scot calls and says he'll meet me there in 20 minutes. Turn on the DVD player in the van while we wait.

Jake tells me he wants to start a puppy business with one of the boys in the neighborhood.

Tell him it's a great idea but I'll have to think about that one.

It starts raining. Run into the store with the kids.

Scot comes in and we head to the refrigerator section.

Jake pushes Brooklyn up and down the aisles in the cart. Again.

He accidentally jams Brooklyn's finger. She starts crying.

She shows me her bloody finger.

Scot tells me to take her home. I show him the fridge I like and let him finish up.

I put Brooklyn in the van and go home.

Put chicken nuggets in the oven and make mac-n-cheese and beans for dinner.

Scot calls and says the fridge isn't in stock. He orders one from a store an hour away.

He says it will be delivered on Wednesday.

The guys get home and we eat.

Jake takes a shower. We clear the table.

Scot reads books to the kids while I wash dishes.

Make lunches.

Wash Brooklyn's poopy underwear and pants in the sink.

Take out the trash.

Scot and I tuck the kids into bed. Say prayers. Give hugs and kisses.

We collapse on the couch.

Talk about starting up the ebay business again to pay for the new fridge.

Return e-mails. Watch some TV.

Wake up kids and take them to the bathroom. Tuck them back into bed.

We climb into bed. Exhausted.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day.

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