Sunday, December 12, 2010


The weekend started off being quite chaotic. We had Jake's friend, Michael, spend the night on Friday so the kids got up early Saturday morning. Scot woke up with horrific pain in his lower abdomen. It was so bad that he decided he better drive himself to the ER. I rushed around to get myself dressed, take care of the three amigos and make emergency childcare arrangements. Thank goodness for awesome neighbors and my in-laws who live nearby!

When I got to the hospital, the doctor looked at the results of Scot's CAT scan but he didn't see anything that could be causing the pain. So, they think he has a small tear in his abdominal wall that could be the beginnings of an inguinal hernia. Or, it could be diverticulitis. Fun, right? Scot has to follow up with his doctor this week to find out exactly what it is. Hopefully, we'll find out what is causing all this pain.

On Sunday morning, we got our first touch of snow. Since Scot wasn't feeling well and we thought Brooklyn might have a touch of ringworm (gross, I know), we decided to do Bedside Baptist today instead of regular church. It was a great day to hibernate at home.

Jake played out in the flurries.

Brooklyn ran around in her hat and gloves. Indoors.

We did Christmasy crafts.

While listening to Christmas carols and feeling the warmth of our "fireplace." :)

It snowed like crazy all day.

So, we continued our fun at home by making gingerbread houses.

Eating candy as we went along.

The gingerbread houses turned out so cute. Even if I did buy the wrong graham crackers this time.

Here's Brooklyn's.

And Jacob's.

I love the chimney smoke. (That was Scot's great idea.)

We ended the weekend with reading The Advent Book and the kids opened their Christmas Eve gifts. Twelve days early. (Jacob goes to his dad's house next weekend, so we have to do things a little differently around here.)

They were so excited to put their new slippers on. I can't imagine what they're going to be like after they open their Christmas gifts this year!

We're all hoping for a snow day and school closings tomorrow. :)

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