Friday, December 10, 2010

A Little Bit Brighter

Brooklyn and I went to Wal-Mart today. Not my favorite place in the world, but it does the job if you're shopping on a budget.

(And yes, I got the cart with that dumb squeaky wheel like always. Ugh.)

Anyhoo, I have been on the lookout for some cute slippers for the kids' Christmas Eve gift for a few weeks now. I have gone to numerous stores and everyone is sold out. So frustrating. I hadn't looked at Wally World yet, so I thought I'd give them a try. Luckily, I found some camo ones for Jake for $5 and purple Tinkerbell slipper boots for Brooklyn for $9. Score! One more thing crossed off my list.

We headed to checkout and Brooklyn did her usual thing. She stands in the cart and puts everything on the checkout counter. By herself with no help, mind you. Then, she talks to the checkout person every.single.time. I don't mean just a "hi" and "bye" that you'd expect from a typical three-year old. She engages each person in a conversation - whether they want to or not. She always starts off by saying, "Hi, my name is Brooklyn and this is my Mommy. What's your name?" Then, she tells them her age, her hair color, what toys she likes to play with, what the weather is like that day, you name it.

If I'm in a hurry, my patience runs thin and I try to hurry ourselves through the line as fast as possible. But, most of the time, I let her do her thing and talk all she wants. And today was no different.

What amazed me about today, though, was the checkout lady. She was a quiet lady who didn't say a word. It was clear that she did not want to be bothered. She wasn't there to chat - a little rough around the edges, I guess you could say.

Brooklyn didn't even notice. She pestered the lady with questions in her sweet way and they had quite the discussion about Disney dolls and various other things in the brief five minutes we were in line. After I swiped my debit card in the machine, I looked at the checkout lady and noticed she was smiling. She leaned down in front of Brooklyn and said, "You have no idea, but you just made my day." And she handed me the receipt.

I was stunned.

I had no idea that a giggly three year old talking about Disney dolls and whatever else could ever make a woman's day. But, she did. And she taught me something in the process.

Slow down. Take time to talk with everyone we come in contact with. Care. Go out of your way to show others you truly care about them. Whether you know their name or not.

Reminds me of the legacy my sweet Nana left behind...

God has amazing things in store for this little girl. My daughter. She has a passion for people and a passion for life. It is infectious. You can't help but smile when she's around. Her boldness astounds me at such a young age. God has amazing things in store for you too.

So, today I am thankful for my daughter. My son. And you. And the sweet checkout lady at Wal-Mart whose day just got a little bit brighter.

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