Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Memories {the long version}

Well, Jacob is gone. And we've had one heck of a week. Busy, to say the least.

Busy but oh, the memories we've made.

Jacob had a Christmas party at school before winter break. The kids ate yummy treats while watching a Garfield Christmas movie. I made pigs-in-a-blanket and the kids inhaled them in less than a minute. Seriously!

Brooklyn loved being part of the class.

Jacob and his third grade teacher, Miss N. Love her!

She gave each student a coupon for a free book in her special bin. It was a real treat.

Brooklyn and I went shopping at Kroger. She wanted to be a big kid and push her own cart around the store.

She was a hoot at checkout, trying to unload the groceries all by herself.

Brooklyn takes throws her shoes and socks off in the car all.the.time now. Can't decide if it's cute or annoying.

Jake and Grammy had a bowling competition on the Wii.

Jake went to his first birthday skate party. He loved it, but I think he spent most of the time on the floor. :)

Scot and Jake had guys' night out to see the movie Tron. Apparently, it was pretty cool.

I took the kids to Bass Pro Shops to see Santa's Wonderland. It was every boy's paradise.

And a girl's paradise too.

We couldn't leave without seeing the big man himself. Brooklyn screamed her head off, poor thing. The moment was just priceless.

We left Opry Mills. It was so sad to see everything still barricaded from the big flood last May. Bass Pro Shops is the only store in business right now.

We went to our favorite place at Christmastime, the Opryland Hotel. Which was just newly renovated and reopened a month ago. They added some modern touches, and it is still a gorgeous site to see.

I brought snacks for the kids, but we stopped to get hot chocolate and chocolate milk for the little one.


The kids loved the fountains.

And the jungle, as Jake likes to call it.

At home, the kids looked for the pickle ornament as part of our Christmas tradition.

Jake found it in a matter of minutes. Guess I'll have to try harder next year. The five bucks was a nice surprise, though!

We read the last day of our Advent Book...a little early for Jacob's sake.

And took one of our last family pics of the year.

It's been a great week. But, I'm sure going to miss this little face on Christmas morning.

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