Friday, December 24, 2010

Baking Cookies

Brooklyn and I made cut-out sugar cookies the other day.

(I always like to bake the cookies and freeze them to ice a day or two before Christmas. It works out much better that way. At least for us anyway.)

I put on her apron and she was ready to go!

She spent over two hours in the kitchen with me. Mixing. Rolling. Cutting out shapes. Putting them in the oven. And repeating the process over and over.

She was a great helper.

The decorating was her favorite part. I iced the cookies and she decorated to her heart's content.

Which, in preschool terms, means a buttload of sprinkles everywhere! But, that's okay. :)

It was fun, spending time alone with my little gal. Doing what we do best. Baking yummy treats...and eating them up!

Sounds like the perfect Christmas Eve day to me.

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