Monday, November 1, 2010


Well, it looks like Scot will be having major surgery. Again. Remember the last surgery in January?

In just 4 days, he will be having a tongue base reduction to hopefully correct his sleep apnea problem for good. This is a pretty common surgery, but the unusual part is how they will go about it. Instead of cutting his throat and going in that way, they will be using a da Vinci robot system to go through his mouth and remove the excess part of his tongue that is blocking his airway.

The da Vinci robot looks something like this.

This particular surgery with the da Vinci first started in Italy, where they have done about 15 to 20 tongue reduction surgeries to date. Once it was FDA-approved, an expert at John Hopkins University Hospital started pioneering this new procedure in the US and he has currently performed about 50 surgeries so far. This expert is going to assist with Scot's surgery on Friday.

There is an 80% success rate that the sleep apnea will be cured after surgery. There is a 20% chance his throat and tongue could swell so much after surgery that a breathing tube might be needed for the first 24 hours and he may need to stay an additional night in the ICU.

Please pray for the surgeons to be quick and precise with the da Vinci robots as they remove a small portion of his tongue on Friday. Pray for Scot to get through surgery and recover quickly. Pray for minimal swelling and for rest. And, ultimately, for his sleep apnea to be cured.

Thank you in advance for your prayers! I'll make sure to send an update after surgery on Friday.

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