Monday, November 15, 2010

Busy. Tired. Thankful.

Yep, that sums up the last week pretty darn well.

Taking care of two kids and a hubby who is recovering from major surgery has kept me very busy and very tired. I think I've made a run to Target (or some type of grocery store) just about every other day last week. I realized I had gone to the store one too many times when my 2-year old begged to go to the doll section at Target just for a playdate. Yeah, you could say we've had a whacked out week.

But, I couldn't have stayed sane without the help of some really great friends. We had four amazing homemade meals dropped off from friends and it was truly the best thing ever! Their sweet calls and yummy food was the highlight of our week.

As far as Scot goes, he was (and still is) in a load of pain. It is even worse than the last surgery. But, he says he's glad he did it. At his recent post-op appointment, the surgeon explained that Scot had severe sleep apnea before surgery. Like 90+ times stop-breathing-per-hour kind of severe. That means his heart was stopping and restarting 90+ times per hour. Every night. Definitely not good on the ol' heart.

Now that his surgery is over, the doctor is confident that his sleep apnea will be cured and, hopefully, he won't have to be hooked up to a BiPAP machine for the rest of his life. And his heart will be healthier too. Now, that makes the pain all worth it.

Right, hon?

We're thankful for the latest and greatest in technology, so Scot could have this kind of surgery. We're thankful for a cozy home. A full-time job. Ensure drinks. And friends. Really good friends. As we walk down this long road of recovery.

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