Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Good Week

I have to be honest, I miss him like crazy. Jacob, that is. I feel out of sorts whenever he's gone. But, I try my hardest to keep myself busy and focus on the present while I wait for him to come home. Which is not really a problem with this little one around.

So, I've been enjoying my chai tea lattes in the morning.

Mulled cider candles.

Pretty toes.

My newly-organized closet.

Clean carpet and a clean house. Yesss...

Games like Connect Four.

Trains. Lots of trains.

The crisp fall breeze.

Playtime with chalk. (I love Brooklyn's drawing of the sun. Do you see the smiley face?)

New boots.

Long walks at the park.

Collecting rocks.

Climbing around.

And enjoying these beautiful fall days.

I miss Jacob dearly, but I'd say it's been a pretty good week so far.

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