Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Things I am Learning in Life.

I need God.
I can't live life on my own.
Have a better attitude. Even on a bad day. 
Enjoy my kids more.
Be a more patient and caring mom.
Pretty toes make me feel better.
Prayer is essential.
Down-time without electronic devices is good for the soul.
To-do lists are my friend.
Budgeting is a good thing. Don't buy what we can't afford.
Relish my early morning quiet times with the Lord. Sweet times.
Living with less sleep is okay. I will survive.
Grocery shopping is much more enjoyable without children. Can I get an Amen?
Give to others more of my time, especially my husband when he needs it the most.
The true meaning of selflessness. Boy, is it hard.
Have a servant's heart. And a servant's attitude.
Serving others isn't always convenient. In fact, it almost never is.
Give to the needy and homeless, no questions asked. It isn't my place to judge.
A clean house is not always a happy house.
Enjoy the simple things.
I need to laugh more.
Know that times of rest are good. God intended for us to dedicate 1/7 of our time just for rest.
I can say some really dumb and hurtful things.
I need to think more before I speak.
I need to say "I'm sorry" more.
I need to love more.
Sometimes I have to be the bigger person. And let God handle the rest.
Forgiveness is freedom.
Family is everything.
Writing, blogging and connecting with other women are my passions.  
Be content in everything. Don't try to keep up with the Jones's. Whoever they are.
Be willing to step out of my comfort zone. Especially in my spiritual life.
Be thankful for a church family.
Be real. Authentic.
Be more willing to admit my mistakes.
Know I can't do it all. Don't even try.
Don't sweat the small stuff.
Trust God more.
Be grateful for my faithful and committed husband.
Be grateful for my two healthy kids.
Nutella, chocolate and chai tea lattes make every day brighter.
I am always growing, always learning, always striving to be a better woman of God.
Don't take my blessed life for granted.
I have joy.
I have peace.
I am free.

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