Sunday, August 8, 2010

Random Thoughts

Things have been pretty busy lately. I've been trying to get everything done before school starts. School supplies. School clothes. School registration. Soccer registration. MOPS meetings. Bible study meetings. Scot's birthday. Binge and purge of kids' clothes...you catch my drift.

School starts tomorrow and I think we're as ready as we're gonna get. After I put Jacob's new clothes in the dryer, that is.

To celebrate the end of summer, the Cianci men - Scot, Jake, Mike, Kris and Keegan - took a guys trip to Huntsville on Friday night. They loaded into the CR-V (packed like sardines) and stayed at cousin Mary Beth and Mike's house for the night. They spent all day Saturday checking out the U.S. Space and Rocket Center, particularly the big Star Wars exhibit. You know, guy stuff.

While the guys were busy playing, Brooklyn and I had a girls day with Aunt Jenn and her twin girls. We went to the Discovery Center and ate lunch at IHOP. Then, Brooklyn and I went shopping at a bunch of places, got drinks at McDonald's - and spent over an hour at Barnes and Noble. She played with the train table, while I read some magazines. Ah, a little piece of heaven.

We cranked up some Hannah Montana music on the way home. Multiple repeats of Hoedown Throwdown, Brooklyn's favorite. And a bit of Little Mermaid before bed. I love girl time.

It was a great girls day. And a great guys trip too. I think they're already making plans for next summer.

Man, am I going to miss these summer days.

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