Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Jacob {8}

Jacob is 8 years old today.

Hard to believe he looked like this 8 years ago.

Jacob weighed 9 lbs. 3 oz. when he was born. He was a big baby - always in the 90% or off-the-charts in development. He was a spirited, high-needs baby. He cried every time he woke up and liked things a certain way. He cried a lot. And I did too. He was a good eater and sleeper. He took his bottle every 4 hours and slept through the night at just 5 weeks old. He got his first two bottom teeth at 3 months. His hands were constantly moving. He was a cuddler and had the most beautiful blue eyes. He loved being rocked to sleep at night.

He was an energetic, strong-willed toddler who had frequent meltdowns and horrific tantrums. He screamed, pulled my hair, hit me, bit me, kicked me, spit in my face, you name it. He did not like the word no. But, he had a sweet and sensitive side that could melt your heart. He was a true mama's boy. He sucked his thumb and carried his blankie around everywhere he went.

He was a leader and a protector. Something I picked up on at just 17 months old. His dad had moved out and moved on with his life, and it was just me and him. I remember many mornings where Jacob got up and put my slippers on the floor at my bedside, while handing me my robe and glasses. He slept in my bed some nights and cuddled with me in the morning. He held my hand and pulled me along most of the time. He was one-of-a-kind, wise beyond his years as a little one. We didn't like the situation we were in, but God pulled us through. And blessed us with a new family a couple years later.

I am so grateful for this strong and sensitive baby who is now my 8 year old son. He is one of the reasons I wake up every morning. He is my happiness. My world. My life. And I wouldn't change a thing.

Thank you for sticking with me through it all. And thank you for the wonderful person you are.

I love you, Jacob.

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