Thursday, July 8, 2010


Today we've been handwashing dishes.

(Our dishes have a white film all over them every time we use the dishwasher now. I've tried rinsing agents galore, nothing works. Any suggestions, other than buying a new one??)

Folding laundry.

Getting things out to start packing.

 Designing tattoos.

Playing hide and seek.

Working on puzzles.

Watching movies. Playing board games. Reading books. Completing workbook pages. Playing video games. Catching up on emails. Doing much-needed pedicures. And taking care of a sick little guy.

Just another day at home with the kids.

Scot and his friend, Todd, are having guys night out tonight, so I'm going to hog the TV remote and nurse this sore throat of mine. Hoping it's not strep.

Night all.

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