Sunday, June 13, 2010


Well, swim lessons are over this year. At least for one kid. Brooklyn received her second certificate for completing the P.A.C. {Parent Assisted Class} for the American Red Cross program at Ms. Sue's. I tell you, she did an awesome job.

And we're so excited to start using her new "turtle" that we bought there. {It's really called the Kiefer Swim 'n Play Trainer, but we call it the "turtle" for short.} Brooklyn has already worn it a few times in the pool and she loves it! It's much better than the arm floaties because it keeps their hands free. And you can take off each layer as they get older. I highly recommend it.

This is our last P.A.C. class...for now. Brooklyn will be moving on up to the preschool class next year. Without Mom. Wow! Hard to believe she's almost a preschooler.

Saturday was our big family day. Scot took us to lunch at Puckett's Grocery. They had some serious southern grub. We got groceries and strolled through the TV section at Sam's. {My hubby's fav.} Then, Brooklyn and I got haircuts. Brooklyn's was 8 months overdue.

Her little bob looks pretty cute, if I say so myself. Look at all that hair!

We went out to dinner at Cici's Pizza with our friends, Myles and Jenny and their cute kiddos. {Thank goodness for coupons!} Brooklyn enjoyed having some little people to play with again.

And I found this on my nightstand tonight.

Nothin' sweeter than that. I love my hubby.


We're gearing up for a crazy busy week with VBS this week. There are already 750 kids pre-registered and we're expecting over 800 to attend! God is going to do some amazing things at our church so be praying for the kids to have open hearts. I am going to be a crew leader of a bunch of 5 year olds, so it will be fun. Not sure what I'm getting myself into, but I'm ready to give it a try! {With caffeine in hand, of course.}

Looking forward to some sleepless and crazy days ahead. And praying for my sweet boy at Disney World this week. Can't wait to see his face in a couple weeks!

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