Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jacob's Room

We have been busy cleaning and organizing Jacob's room this week. Not just a little cleaning here and there - I mean a full top-to-bottom, under-the-bed, every-single-drawer kind of cleaning! I just completed the finishing touches today and, of course, I had to share.

So, without further ado...welcome to Jacob's room. (His name is designed with Bendaroos.)

Jake's had the same bedding from Target since he was two. I painted the canvases for his room a couple years ago. And Scot's had the Alabama poster hanging in the garage for a long time, but Jake said he wanted to put it in his room so we moved it. We also took out the drawers from under his bed to give him more space.

Scot moved his old dresser from his parents' house to Jake's room to match the rest of the furniture. The bed, dresser and desk were Scot's bedroom furniture when he was growing up. It is heavy, solid wood and everything is in really good condition. Now, Jake has a place to display his trophies and he has a lamp next to his bed.

Two basketball hoops and a video game chair. What more could a boy want?

We cleaned out all the picture books on his bookcase since he's outgrown them. Now, he has room for lots of chapter books, comics and older kids books. And he won't be tempted to read the easy books anymore. Plus, it's a great place to display his favorite Lego pieces.

We cleaned and reorganized the left side of the closet again.

And the right. There's plenty of room to grow into!

We took off the hutch that used to sit on top of his desk, which will give him so much more space to work with. His pencils, colored pencils and markers are organized in mason jars. And Scot gave him an old candy dispenser that he made when he was a kid. I'm sure Jake will spend plenty of time working on homework and school projects here this year.

Well, that's about it. I'm so glad it's finally complete. Now, I'm really ready for him to come home soon!

Hopefully, he'll like his new room.

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