Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Dump Run

Here's a sneak peak at one of our weekly rituals here in the south. The Dump Run.

We load up all the trash into the van. Any leaky bags get bagged twice.

We gather all the recyclables. Each container is cleaned out and cardboard is broken down.

Then, we roll down our windows and hold our noses for a very stinky ride.

And this, my friends...is our local waste convenience center. More commonly known as - The Dump.

Pretty, isn't it?

Trash is dumped into the large bins and cardboard goes in here.

Glass, plastic and other recyclables go in here.

 The super friendly Dump workers stand or sit at watch in the shade.

And we drop off any pieces of retired clothing or household goods to the Goodwill truck.

This may seem time-consuming or an all-out crazy way to dispose of trash, but it saves us quite a bit of money every month by doing it on our own. We don't mind the extra hassle every week. This is just what living in the south is all about.

Except for the smell. Now, that I could live without.

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