Friday, April 23, 2010


Jacob's dad, Matt, is in town for the weekend. He usually comes to visit about once a year. Jacob is always super excited to see him. He loves it when his dad gets to see his school. His soccer team. His life here in Tennessee. Which is quite different from his life in Ohio.

But, it's always difficult on me when he's here. I feel like a mother hen who has to protect her little nest and keep her little chick from "harm". I don't like someone infringing on my "territory" and that's hard.  

There are talks of Matt moving to Tennessee at some point. In fact, he is looking for jobs and places to live while he's here this weekend. I have so many emotions running through me right now. I'm happy for Jake because I know how much he misses his dad, and I know he would love to have him close by. We wouldn't have to make the 800+ mile drives to and from Louisville every month anymore if he moved. And we would save money.

But, our family and our lives would be completely different if he moved here. That would involve a big change. And that's scary.
Change for the good? It's too hard to tell. But, I know we'll be taken care of, whether Matt moves here or not. Praying for peace and stillness in our hearts this weekend, as we face the possibility of another life change ahead.

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