Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Solo Days

Scot flew out of town today to attend a work conference in good ol' Chicago. Brooklyn and I dropped him off with a colleague this morning and said our goodbyes. As we were leaving, I told Brooklyn that Daddy was going on an airplane to another city. Every time she saw or heard an airplane today (which was at least 5 or 6 times), she pointed to the airplane and said, "Hi Daddy!" or "Bye Daddy!" So cute. She thought Daddy was on every airplane in the sky today.

Brooklyn and I ran some errands and came home for lunch. We picked up Jake from school and got some yummy milkshakes for a snack. Then, I surprised the kids and picked up a large pizza for dinner and a movie from redbox, Planet 51. We usually only get frozen pizza, so this was a real treat.

After dinner, the kids got baths and showers.

 And Jake insisted on dressing up as a pirate, mustache and all.

We snuggled up on the floor with blankets and pillows, ready for movie-time to begin.

Looks like we'll be staying cozy on the home-front for a few days. And that's fine by me!

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  1. I always hated it when my DH had to go on business trips... I am so much happier now that he gets to come home every night! Hope your night was restful and you weren't too lonely!


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