Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fun Afternoon

Jake took the ThinkLink test two days in a row this week to prepare for the big TCAP exam next year. It wasn't that big of a deal, but I thought I would surprise him (and Brooklyn) by taking them out for ice cream.

We hit Sonic after school. Jake got his favorite Sonic Blast, and Brooklyn got her first ice cream cone. We sat in the car for a few minutes, then we moved outside. The kids loved it! Can you tell?

This girl was a sticky mess in no time. :)

But, these kiddos didn't complain one bit.

After our ice cream fix, we headed off to the park for awhile. (Actually, more like two hours.) In fact, we stayed so long that Scot stopped by on his way home from work! The kids just played and played and played.

We even headed out on the trail for a little nature walk.

We saw a few caterpillars on the way, and Brooklyn got scared.

So, we moved along.

Scot came and played with the kids for a little bit. Then, we headed home for taco night.

Such a fun way to celebrate and end this beautiful day.

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